Having fun with it

I think it's time for some irl trolling. Here's a little digital prank from oooooh 20 years ago that would still make a killer PR story today!

(source: http://www.fool.com.au/2011/01/01/step-2-trade-wisdom-for-foolishness/)

Have fun

In the USA, back in 1994, Fool US hyped a fictional penny share called Zeigletics on one of the Internet’s first “chat rooms”. “Zeigletics” manufactured “linked sewerage disposal systems for the central African nation of Chad.” Literally, it shovelled excrement.

The aim was to “out” the penny share hype-sters that were abusing the chat rooms. Their electronic pyramid scheme — pumping tiny, thinly traded shares to get other investors to load up so they could dump shares at the first sign of an uptick — was not just harmful to investors, but it also degraded the real conversations people were having.

So the Fool fought them the only way we know how: by trying to kill them with humour.

A few posts was all it took to get investors excitedly looking to buy shares on the Halifax Stock Exchange (which doesn’t exist).  Many of the hype-sters were duped, and they were furious at our little joke.

The weekend project — the Fool’s first April Fool’s Day prank — landed Fool US a spot in the Wall Street Journal and introduced Foolishness to Wall Street. But the real triumph wasn’t the press attention or the prank — it was the amazing thing that we witnessed during the weekend of the Zeigletics gag: People started playing along with the joke.

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