Quick and dirty

-My senior strategist has a really interesting way of conducting brainstorms where he sort of gets the most out of a bunch of already smart people. He says it's like "sherpaing" and it's ideal for briefs that have very short turn arounds. What I find interesting is that he doesn't think much of qualitative group research. The funny thing is the way I look at it, these guided brainstorms are actually like qualitative group interviews on steroids because you're getting the best part of the group process but you're getting it from people who are also pretty clued into marketing. It's a style that I haven't seen before and I think comes from design thinking rather than 

-I went to an APG event about effectiveness in advertising. The speaker said he believes in econometrics. I'm pretty skeptical of them still.

-I'm reading last year's Bonds Efie application and I feel like, while the campaign was actually quite strong and effective, the reasons listed just aren't really lining up with why it actually worked. There is talk of creating a social frenzy. Really? The qualitative set ups are pretty thin. I wonder whether these papers are purposefully dramatised. 

-There's just never enough time because I do so much reactive client facing stuff!

-Mascots are cool and we should use them more.

-I need to start keeping detailed records of campaigns and the like