Some things I'm interested in right now (a reading list)

Martin Weigel of course. 

But I also want to read more work by Byron Sharpe (here's his blog) and other members of the Ehrenberg-Bass institute. I love their empirical approach to marketing. I love how they can distinguish between tools, modeling and laws. Most marketers just think "nerdy number stuff" or "big data", but in reality laws will help you where tools and stats will often lead you astray.

I'm also pretty keen to find out more about the IPA's The Expert Guide to Measuring Not Counting – How to Evaluate Social Media for Marketing Communication. It just has a catchy name that speaks to a lot of the things that have me worried about social media. I also tend to trust the IPA the most when it comes to straight talk in marketing (although even they aren't infallible!). Here are some articles that outline the contents. I'll be reading through them in the next few days:

It's time marketers started measuring, not counting, social media impact

Five point plan for effective social media measurement

#IPASocialWorks takes pride of place at Silicon Beach


Books I'm keen on buying:

Bokko - More just for inspiration and fun. I read the first issue ages ago and thought it'd be cool to read a manga about a strategist.

On War by von Clausewitz - This was recommended to me by a soldier friend when I asked him about god books about strategy. I have this current thought process where I think that marketing inteligence and strategy could learn a lot from military intelligence and strategy. The problem is this book looks like a bloody tomb. On the other hand, I look at "boring" as a challenge rather than a hindrance ;) 

Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice by Byron Sharp - This is a really comprehensive university level book which teaches the current state of knowledge in marketing. I've read a few other comms and marketing books and had to stop because they were so fluffy. Hopefully this will be a better read.

The Expert Guide to Measuring Not Counting – How to Evaluate Social Media for Marketing Communications by the IPA - See above

Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing by Karen Nelson-Field - A book which takes the science of How Brands Grow and applies it to new (well at least that's what I hope it does!)