Digital is happening but I don't think traditional advertising is dead

There’s been a trend for the last few years to proclaim that “TV is dead” or “Print is dead” and of course the newest version of that: “mobile first!!! It needs to be mobile first!!!!”. Well, this UK report shows that it’s a bit more complicated than that.

(From eMarketer)


No matter the definitional complexities, one trend underlies much of eMarketer’s time spent estimates: UK adults aren’t moving their media consumption habits to digital platforms at the expense of traditional ones; rather, they are adding it to their overall media day. This also holds true for platforms like social media, with time spent via mobile adding to time spent via laptops and desktops. 

So traditional media is not dead, digital has just added itself to the mix and in some cases people are of course multi-screening. This means traditional press coverage is still extremely important. I like the “What does mum do” test. My mum still watches The Block and The News.

In saying that, mobile and computer use are absolutely on the rise, so how do we market across all channels? That’s the challenge.