Timings on Facebook ads

I wonder: When you change your time periods but keep your overall spend consistent, why does the daily estimated reach not stay consistent?

2 Days

4 days

Is it a thing where the rate at which they can predict the cost per person reached decreases the further ahead you project because it goes into an auctioning process?

I find it kind of annoying that you can't just find the answer to something like that with a quick Google search.

Instead it links to articles like this Kissmetrics article which pretty much just repeats the company line. For example I'm still not convinced that ultra specific targeting like that suggested in that article is effective.


Here's my to do list from yesterday. Yikes! I think part of the problem is that I'm expected to fill an accounts role and a strategy role at the same time (well okay I put myself in that position). Part of it is also that we are two down on the team. And finally part of it is just the nature of agency life.

I used to suck at time management. Now I suck less. I started using a to do list at the behest of my team members. Right at the beginning I had to email a weekly and daily list to my line managers.

Now I do it out of habit and because it WORKS. In the AM I write everything down that needs to be done and add rough time estimates. Top right has timely things in red (although that didn't stop me missing a small meeting today). As I get shit done I cross it off. If anything for the next day comes up I add a little post it onto the list for review the next day. Anything that stays over at the end of the day I highlight for the next day.

My observation is that any accounts person worth their salt has some sort of system like this.

PS I'm sort of considering starting pomodoros again. Or maybe I'll take a smaller step and break up my to do by client...